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Ask My Ultimate Pet: Is Rejeneril only for dogs? Or Can I use Rejeneril with my cat?

Eric writes: 

I just read this great review of Rejeneril, but I’m curious — is Rejeneril only for dogs? Or can I safely use Rejeneril with my cat?

Rejeneril is safe for all mammals: cats or dogs, horses or donkeys, or anyone else you call part of your family.

While our website is focused on the benefits that Rejeneril can bring to your puppy, adult or senior dog, Rejeneril is a great supplement for any type of pet of any age.

When we developed Rejeneril, we put it through rigorous scientific testing to ensure that it was safe for all types of pets.

In safety studies, clinical rats were given 900 times the recommended dose of Rejeneril, and Rejeneril was found to be completely non-toxic. Not only did all the rats survive, but they seemed to be in better health after the megadose of Rejeneril.

No matter what type of pet you call part of your family, Rejeneril can help:

  • Support your pet’s immune system
  • Promote vibrant skin and coat
  • Enhance recovery from physical activity
  • Maintain youthful energy levels
  • Reverse the negative effects associated with aging

Rejeneril is fast acting, very safe, completely non-toxic, and easy to administer — simply add to food or water based on your pet’s size (easy-to-follow instructions included in every box).

What Are You Waiting For? Try Rejeneril Today!

Rejeneril is the first patented and clinically-proven veterinarian recommended longevity product for dogs. It is the only product of its kind - period!

We are so convinced that Rejeneril will make a major difference in your dog’s life, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you try Rejeneril and don’t see an improvement in your pet’s energy or health, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

But don’t just take our word for it. This is what Melissa Clinton has to say about Rejeneril:

"I continue to notice improvements in Bentley since starting to use Rejeneril! He asks to play and go for longer walks every day. I’m really excited at how great Bentley is feeling and how much more energy that he has now."

And if you use the discount code TryRejeneril when you buy your first bottle of Rejeneril, you’ll save 10% on your order — and get your order shipped to you for FREE.

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